Portrait of musician and writer Katherine Whatley

I am a Bay Area and Tokyo based freelance writer, writing mainly about Japanese music, art and culture. My work has been featured in the BBC, Japan Times, Artsy, Hyperallergic, WeTransfer, Point of Departure, among others. I've also done research work for NPR, CNN, New York Times as well as many academics and artists working on Japan. 

I love Japanese music, jazz and experimental music. I am training as a koto musician (13 string Japanese traditional transverse harp). My musical interests include contemporary free jazz and improvised music, improvised music in the context of non-Western and folk musics, and Japanese jazz. 

In addition, I am a PhD student at Stanford University in the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department. My research interests include musical motifs in Heian literature, East Asian music, the intersection of gender and music, and transcultural exchange.

I am always looking for new opportunities. Please contact me with any and all writing, translation, editing and interpretation projects, as well as musical opportunities.


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