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Coyote Song

Composition by Katherine Whatley. Performance by Stanford New Ensemble and Earplay Ensemble at CCRMA. February 2022.

Vaim + Kat

Collaboration with Vaim Saarv.  Featuring electronics, koto and voice. Performance at Stanford University's CCRMA.

Into the Clouds

Music for VR project at Brown University featuring early modern Japanese screens and waka poetry. Composition is based on and koto performance by Katherine Whatley.

世の中を何にたとへむ 朝開きこぎ行く舟の後の白波

This world—
To what shall I compare it?
The white wake
Of a rowboat that rows off
Into daybreak

Poem by Manzei, translation by Jeffrey Neidermaier

Multitude of Strings

Recordings from concert series with pianist Alexander Dubovoy in the Bay Area, California, November 2019. Featuring free improvisation on piano and koto. ​

Local Time

Experimental noise music compilation released by Indonesian noise music label, Noise Bombing. Featuring female musicians from around the world.

Track uses found sounds and field recordings taken over two years in Tokyo, Japan. Featuring political sound trucks, cicadas, waterfalls and other ambient sounds.

Review: "Kat Whatley does some quality soundscape politics for our green ears, filling up the atmosphere with some kind of ambient adventure in which soundscapes of a variety of relaxed environments are presented including the fresh airs of the night that had come with them. Think of the ducks in the back, the cricket choirs, the flat with the open window and a deaf resident Individual inside who watches the television too loudly. It’s all like going on a vacation to a hot subtropical climate in which animals and insects are dominating the air in order to set a hot climate in audio form; it makes you feel all sweaty and with dripping armpits just by hearing it; but also excited and happy by being so easily tele transported through sound to an wonderful place on earth."

Koto and Noise 

Sean Stellfox and Katherine Whatley

June 2019, Suizokukan Okubo, Tokyo 


July 2019, Japan Tour

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