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Untitled, Blood

This is a feminist piece of work but it was created in collaboration between a man and a woman and it is about being a human, first and foremost. It is about blood, something as old and as vital to nature as possible, and yet without technology the artwork could not be have been created. This work is both site specific and something that can be shared anywhere with anyone. It is both very personal, private and autobiographical and yet at the same it depicts something that the majority of people throughout the world have experienced.


By processing our images using computer imaging techniques, we hope to reflect on the nature of abstract beauty without alienating the concrete reality they are drawn from. The pattern-based algorithmic construction of the images reflects a long tradition of decoration including textiles and pottery, which challenge the contemporary gendering of technology as masculine.


We hope that this will encourage you to reconsider your understanding about blood, periods, womanness, humanness and humaneness.

Untitled, Blood


Katherine Whatley and Ethan Edwards

Premiered at the Fridman Gallery, New York January 2017


For 3 Channel Video, Photo, Found Object, and Two Channel Audio


In light of the rise of anti-woman, anti-human, nationalist sentiment around the world, we seek to create new artwork for a new time. This work represents for us a small, modest step on the path towards an understanding of art and liberation.

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